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The Tale of the Wulks (VK Green) in One Thousand Worlds

The Tale of the Wulks by VK Green is today's fearured book on One Thousand Worlds


Wulk Land is a fantastic country in Fremont, CA that is so magical that the United States itself has not heard of it. The inhabitants of Wulk Land are a race of non-human creatures called Wulks, who are essentially a link between man and monkey. Even stranger is the way one of the Wulks think. Autism is the condition of the socially awkward boy Rilk. His friends are his cousin Jack, a human named Marvin Stone, and Fred Elfenheimer, an elf from the elf village called Shinozen.

When they see Rilk’s grandfather, Manfield, venture out with the Dragon Prince Englar, these four decide that they also need to venture out into the unknown. They are soon involved in Manfield and Englar’s mission to defeat the Dark Lord Vanko, who, out of the malice in his heart, will not stop until he has dominated all Earthlings on the planet Earth. On the fortunate side, many new friends decide to come along, which are the Englishmen Chris Richmond and Tom Lanka, the dwarf Swartho, and Manfield’s majordomo Robert.

On this treacherous path, several enemies must be fought before Vanko can be reached, such as the demonic general Morlin, the zombie-fairy Carnimus, and the Dark Lord’s right-hand man, the corrupt American military officer Kevin Johnson. Unfortunately, Vanko himself is a difficult foe and more powerful than all of his allies combined. In order to match him, one would need to have mastered martial arts and be fully disciplined in the ways of the East. A battle against Vanko waged by such a person is capable of shaking the earth and risks the end of the world. The only weapon that can ultimately destroy Vanko forever is the Blade of Anglar, crafted by the fairies for Englar’s father, the Dragon Lord Anglar.

These ten saviors travel towards the goal of defeating Vanko not just to bring peace to the world, but also to their inner being. They realize that their journey is more than just killing Vanko, and that reality is not really confined to this world, but to a deeper dimension of consciousness, transcendence, and love. The ten are about to learn what is the true meaning of life and what exactly are the depths of autism and the self. The emotional battle of good versus evil is embellished with both the knowledge of the autistic mind and that of the transcended mind.

Whether or not the transcendence works for them does not matter as much as how autism guides Rilk throughout this tale. For Rilk, autism is his path to achievement, and it is his friend during his long struggle against the Dark Lord. He is about to prove to the world that rather than be reclusive, isolated introverts without friends, autistic people can provide a greater service to mankind.

About this author:

V. K. Green is an autistic student who has performed at a high academic level with advanced diction, language, and social skills. Using fantasy-adventure, Green illustrates to the world the truth behind autism, what it is, and how much autistic individuals add to the positive whole of society. Green currently lives in Fremont, California, with his family.

The Journey to Maldon

On the Earth, there are several races of fantastic non-human creatures, such as Elves, Dwarfs, and Wulks. Wulks are a group of people who, like the Native Americans, were driven out of their homes by the Americans in the time of the Trail of Tears. They live in the secluded land of Wulk Land, which lies atop Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont, California. The only thing stranger than the Wulks is one Wulk named Rilk, who is affected by a condition in the brain called autism.

Rilk’s autism makes him socially inept, but he still has friends in the American human Marvin Stone, the elf Fred Elfenheimer, and Rilk’s cousin Jack. In Wulk Land, they celebrate Rilk and Marvin’s graduation from junior high school, but when they see Rilk’s grandfather, the village elder Manfield, leave the country with his long-time companion, the Dragon Englar, they decide to follow the two. The four boys incapacitate Manfield’s majordomo, Robert, and exit the magical borders of Wulk Land into the forest. The quartet turns into seven with the encountering of new allies, who are the British boy Chris Richmond, his butler Tom Lanka, and the dwarf Swartho.

The travelers suddenly run into malevolent creatures called Plovakas, who are skilled in the manipulation of chi, the energy of the universe. Chris and Swartho defeat the Plovakas, while Englar mentally senses the crisis and postpones his and Manfield’s journey. Rilk, Marvin, Jack, Fred, Chris, Tom, and Swartho finally meet up with Englar and Manfield, and the origin of the Plovakas is explained.

Long time ago, the Dragons of the Dragon Planet ruled the Earth, the strongest being Lord Anglar. Before he could crown his son Prince Englar, he was called to a disturbance in the planet, and Englar learned of his death at the hands of an evil entity called the Dark Lord Vanko, who wielded a powerful sword known as the Redilikar. Vanko closed in on the Englar, but spared him out of pity, arrogantly giving him the power to mentally sense any crisis caused by the Dark Lord. As Vanko left to fulfill his goal of domination over the Earth, Englar noticed a prophecy which stated that a “the descendant of a Wulk of great honor” would be the Chosen One to battle the Dark Lord on the “seventh day of the seventh month”. Vanko participated in the Soviet side of the Cold War by masquerading as a Russian soldier, while Englar searched tirelessly for the Wulk Land. At the same time Englar finally found Wulk Land, Vanko conjured the fortress of Maldon on a Rocky Mountain that he claimed as Mount Vanko. He also created his minions, the Plovakas, Araks, and Trolls.

Englar recruited Manfield on the quest, believing him to be the Chosen One due to his descent from a famous Wulk named Pilk. They battled Vanko on the deserts of Fremont, but only escaped with their lives. In revenge for standing in his way, Vanko tracked them to Wulk Land, and he, in an attempt to kill them, killed Manfield’s son and daughter-in-law, who left their infant son Rilk an orphan. Years later, Englar and Manfield tried once again to stop Vanko, meeting Chris and Tom for the first time and bringing them on their mission. The four trekked to the fortress of Maldon, where they engaged in a battle royale with Vanko and his new apprentice, the American Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Johnson. Englar managed to steal the Redilikar from Vanko’s hands, but it was stolen back by Morlin, the leader of Plovakas. Vanko sent him and a band of Plovakas to the Dragon Planet, and Englar, Manfield, Chris, and Tom were forced to go back to their homes defeated.

Now Englar and Manfield plan to go to the Dragon Planet, take back the Redilikar from Morlin, return to the Earth, have Chris and Tom take them to Maldon in their RV, and finally defeat Vanko once and for all. Englar lets Swartho join without hesitation, and after much persuasion, he allows Rilk and his three peers be part of the struggle against Vanko. Robert catches up to them, and before long, he also becomes a member of the company. The ten-man group, now the World Saviors, climb up Mission Peak and use the Dragon Connector to soar through outer space until they end up in Anglachar Forest in the Dragon Planet.

The companions encounter Morlin, and Englar duels him in chi and karate. When Englar gains the upper hand, Morlin shoots a chi blast at Chris, but he is shielded by Swartho, who dies instead. Englar punishes Morlin to the point he is battered and broken, but the Dragon opts to spare Morlin’s life and takes the Redilikar. After leaving the Redilikar inside Englar’s castle, the World Saviors use the Dragon Connector to take them back to Mission Peak on Earth, and climb into the city of Fremont. They reach Chris’ house, where Tom drives everyone to Colorado Springs, Colorado in the RV.

They stop Vanko’s second-in-command, the Wolf Man, from attacking the Air Force Academy and climb up Pike’s Peak, with only Rilk, Englar, Chris, Manfield, and Tom leaping towards Mount Vanko. Before the gates of Maldon, they dispatch of the gatekeeper and invade the fortress. Making their way to Vanko and Johnson’s lair, the former reveals himself to be Englar’s long-lost brother Sinodon.

Lord Anglar had chosen to crown Englar instead of Sinodon, infuriating him and motivating him to take revenge on the Earth. He had conjured the sword Redilikar and, taking instruction from the stolen Kando Book, imbued it with his emotions, making the weapon even more powerful than him. Englar resolves to stop his brother at all costs, so he and his companions make a valiant charge for Vanko, but are outnumbered by his minions. They retreat from Maldon, both sides promising to fight each other in World War III.

After the five reunite with the rest of the Saviors, they all head off for Sacramento, California, where they warn the California State Legislature of the upcoming war. When Englar suggests that Vanko be killed by the Blade of Anglar, an ancient sword once possessed by Anglar, Rilk volunteers to wield the weapon and slay the Dark Lord once and for all. Englar looks at Rilk as the Chosen One, and the Legislature agrees to let him be the final cause of Vanko’s destruction.
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