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Whispers of a Storm (Book One of the Storm Trilogy) by Anthony Lavisher - A One Thousand World Review

If you enjoy a well written epic fantasy adventure, then you won't go far wrong in reading Whispers of a StormIt is the first book in what promises to be a great trilogy and no doubt the start of a blossoming writing career for its author Anthony Lavisher. Anthony is kindly offering a signed copy as the first prize in a giveaway, with an ebook version for the first three runners-up. For a chance to win, scroll to the end of this post.

The Blurb
The inhabitants of the Four Vales have enjoyed over fifty years of relative peace, since its armies defeated the Reven Hordes threatening their homeland. Under the fair rule and guidance of the high duke, its people have thrived and prospered, free from the shadows of war. The Vales are peaceful and the capital city Karick is quiet. But in the gardens of the high duke's keep, dark plots are whispered and fell deeds being planned. A humble stonemason falls asleep whilst working in the gardens and upon waking, inadvertently overhears a conversation that plunges him deep into the heart of the coming storm. A young noblewoman is to be kidnapped and used as a pawn in this dark game... Whispers of a Storm follows the stonemason and noblewoman's fortunes as they unwittingly become involved in a dangerous game of survival, as they try to find out what dark storm is about to break out across the Four Vales. Who would seek to unsettle this harmony? Why would they want to? How can the stonemason and noblewoman discover what is going to happen and more importantly, expose those behind the plot, before it is too late. A tale of political intrigue and high adventure, Book One of The Storm Trilogy follows the fortunes of two individuals, whose personal journey of survival may yet help to save and shape the future of their homeland.

Richie's Review

Although this is Anthony Lavisher’s debut novel, he is clearly a wordsmith of much merit. Whispers of a Storm is an intriguing, beautifully written story following the fortunes, or more like the misfortunes, of the immigrant stonemason Khadazin, and Cassana, daughter of the Lord of the North Vales.

The story sets off at a great pace, jumping straight into the action. Lavisher paints vibrant scenes which appeal to all the reader’s senses. He expertly builds a believable world populated by some great characters, tantalising the reader with many as yet unanswered questions – this is the first instalment of a trilogy.

I certainly enjoyed all the different strands of the story, especially the parts concerning Khadazin. Whispers of a Storm is a fast-paced page turner, which maintained its inexorable pace more or less throughout, switching from one story line to the other. Being harsh, there was a very occasional typo, but this in no way spoiled my enjoyment of an excellent book.

There’s a great cliff-hanger ending, which left me looking forward with excitement to reading the soon to be released second book of the series.

Overall, Whispers of a Storm is a thoroughly enjoyable and beautifully written story.

One Thousand Worlds' rating: 5 stars.

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Reviewed by Richie Earl. Please note that I purchased this book after recently coming into contact with the author via Twitter.

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  1. Congratulations to Catherine on winning a signed copy, and to Phlemmy on winning an ebook copy. I'm sure that you will enjoy this great book. Happy reading!